Climatisation for sorting cabins

Climatisation for sorting cabins

Protecting the health of employees is a top priority for HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK. This is not only reflected in our own operation but also in many of our products for environmental and health protection.

We created a solution for the optimum ventilation of sorting plant workstations in cooperation with TÜV Rheinland back in 1995. Today this experience is reflected in the current regulations TRAB 214 in Germany and INRS in France.

The goal of HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK ventilation systems is to provide employees with a continuous supply of conditioned fresh air in order to prevent the inhalation of dust, odours and possibly hazardous substances.

A+++ with energy savings of up to 50% through the use of cross-flow heat exchangers. Heat energy from the exhaust air is used to preheat the supply air without mixing the airflows. A 100% fresh air supply is guaranteed. Of course this also works the other way around when a cooled supply of air is required.

A+++ thanks to the heat pump function of the chillers. Additional savings by using free energy from the ambient air.