Extraction of impurities

in glass and metal recycling

Extraction of impurities in glass and metal recycling

High-performance extraction of lightweight materials and impurities in recovered glass and scrap metal processing ensures high product quality in recycling.

With our proven ventilation engineering components and systems, Höcker Polytechnik stands by its clients in words and deeds, delivering outstanding separation results.

Another important aspect of glass and metal recycling is counteracting the tremendous wear of pipework and material separators. Highly wear-resistant materials are used for all plant components that come into contact with the material being processed.

The extraction hood made of highly wear-resistant steel arranged over the material stream extracts lightweight materials such as labels and lightweight impurities. Through the pipework made of the same wear-resistant material, the lightweight material is conveyed to a cyclone where it is discharged through a rotary valve. Systems with a long service life and low maintenance effort producing a high product quality are our shared objective.

Once again the unavoidable dust is removed from the conveying air by our proven MultiStar filter units.