Air separator systems

Air separator systems in materials preparation technology

Technology leader. Höcker Polytechnik was among the first to implement the cross-flow separation principle in the recycling industry and has successfully implemented it in numerous plants since then.

First in the field of lightweight material extraction from DSD sorting plants, then in the cross-border business and now in residual waste and compost processing.

The Höcker Polytechnik industry experts have extensive experience with a wide variety of materials accumulated over many years. Optimising the system layout and programming ensures the best possible adaptation of the air separator to the respective requirements. Reproducible adjustment possibilities with frequency converters and regulating dampers ensure optimum adaptation to the material being separate.

The input material is supplied to the separation point by a frequency-controlled conveyor. The extraction hood and a blowing nozzle in the separator head deflect light from heavy material. Heavy material falls onto the discharge belt while the light material is captured and discharged at the desired point with our proven PMA-F or PMA-R material separator. The air required to convey the material is subsequently dedusted with our MultiStar filter unit.

A simple and effective system for the separation of lightweight material, also suitable for volume reduction in optical separation systems.