Recycling industry

Solutions for the recycling industry

Höcker Polytechnik provides efficient solutions for the air separation and pneumatic transport of recycled materials or waste. Innovative extraction and dedusting technologies ensure the efficient collection and safe transportation of materials and dusts. The MultiStar filter units with up to several 100,000 m3/h are a central component of the ventilation equipment for the recycling industry.

Effective dust extraction

The Höcker Polytechnik dedusting solutions optimise the working environment of your employees and minimise dust exposure in the sorting and processing technology sector. Dust is extracted and filtered directly at dust-intensive transfer points or machines.

Energy-efficient ventilation

Your company can also save a lot of energy with well-planned belt conveyors for sorting cabins by HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK. Designs according to the rules of TRAB 214 in Germany or the INRS in France. (TRAB = technical rules for plants and operating safety)