Processing of plastics

Extraction systems for plastics processing

Vapours, dust and shavings from the plastics processing industry pose no problem if they can be reliably extracted and disposed of on site. We create the ideal production conditions for the perfect end product with our innovative products and solutions. Benefit from our experience.

Höcker Polytechnik has just the right solution for smaller production centres with its Vacumobil compact deduster, and for industrial processing, has scalable MultiStar filter systems to offer. These will help you reliably remove dust, shavings and vapours during plastics processing in an energy-efficient way.

We want your next project to be a success. Benefit from the experience of Höcker’s industry experts.

Dedusting, filtering and extraction

Höcker Polytechnik has the ideal solution for every application scenario and company size for dust- and shavings-free production. Whether you use the high-performance Vacumobil Deduster to extract dust non-centrally, or complex extraction systems which reliably provide extraction on the production lines of the leading kitchen manufacturers - the solutions from Höcker Polytechnik operate in an energy-saving manner and ensure the best working conditions. The residual dust content for Höcker extractors and filter systems is below 0.1mg/m3. The Vacumobil Deduster and MultiStar filter systems with residual dust sensor are H3/GS-certified.