Professional varnishing

Equipment for paint shops - Surface technology

Do you carry out professional painting in your company? Welcome to Höcker Polytechnik - we are sure to have the right solution for you. You may ‘only’ want a small spraying booth, or your company might simply need a sophisticated, industrial-level painting centre; whatever your needs - we know our stuff, we have the right products for you and have many, many years of experience.

Höcker Polytechnik´s spraying booths and walls from the PaintStar series are cost-effective entry level solutions for professional painting operations.

All-in-one painting booths or painting centres with sophisticated conveyance technology and linked preparation and drying rooms developed and manufactured by experts from the Höcker PaintsStar painting facilities.

Whether it is a small spraying booth or an industrial painting centre, all Höcker paint mist extraction solutions have one feature in common: they are energy-efficient.

Speak with the Höcker experts about modern painting operations. You will be amazed at the possibilities that will be opened for your company.

Paint mist extraction / paint booths

Perfect your products with perfectly painted surfaces. Spraying walls and paint booths from Höcker Polytechnik ensure an ideal working environment for paint professionals and protect the health of your employees.