Food industry

Food industry - Extraction and shredding plants

Intelligent recycling solutions also open up savings potential in food production. Höcker Polytechnik supports its customers in the food sector with innovative products and solutions for the extraction, shredding and conveying of packaging and process waste.

Products for the pure area are manufactured in stainless steel and also meet the high hygiene standards of the food industry due to their easy-to-clean design:

  • Generally food safe design of switch cabinets and pipes in stainless steel
  • Constructive avoidance of cavities and dirt deposits
  • Easy to clean
  • Use of food-safe seals

Automate your production processes or your returns management with recycling technologies from Höcker Polytechnik. Packaging and cut waste from paper, cardboard or foils are safely extracted with 100 times proven systems and thus enable sustainable processing methods.

Talk to the recycling experts at Höcker Polytechnik and benefit from our products for the food and non-food sector.

Extraction and conveying of biological process waste, e.g:

  • shells
  • kernels
  • bread edges
  • and much more

Extraction of packaging waste and returns, e.g:

  • Bags or pouches
  • outer packages
  • edge strips


  • foils
  • paper
  • cardboard

For clean production facilities and jobs:

  • Central vacuum cleaning systems
  • dedusting plants
  • pneumatic transport systems