Shredding / extraction

of die cutting waste

PHSS shredders and extraction hoods for die cutting waste

The hundredfold proven solution for the folding box and packaging industry

Höcker Polytechnik offers individual solutions for the extraction and shredding of lead edges, large die cutting waste, solid board skeletons, microwave corrugated board etc. The fields of application for our products include different versions of flatbed die cutters, rotary die cutters and punch presses.

For the processing of light grammages and small die cutting waste, extraction hoods and airtrackconveyorssystems are installed at the stripping station of the die cutter depending on the requirements. Höcker Polytechnik shredders in the PHSS series are used for processing large-size die cutting waste and skeletons. These high-speed single-shaft shredders with stripper are used to shred solid cardboard, microwave corrugated board and corrugated cardboard waste from the die cutters effectively and with low wear.

PHSS shredders are tailored to meet the requirements of modern automatic high performance die cutters. die cutting waste can be processed at a rate of up to 10,000 sheets per hour with a format width of up to 1,600 mm. Even large-size punch waste can be extracted by air and additional booster chopperfans are not needed.

Different versions of the PHSS shredders are positioned at the end of the die cutter, below the stripping station or at the end of the conveyor belt in the area of the lead edge station.

The more powerful heavy duty PHSS shredder with a rotor diameter of 400 mm are installed at the end of a beltconveyor system to dispose the die cuttingwaste from more than one die cutter. The large, high-capacity PHS-O series (Top feeder )shredders are used for large-scale plants.

Talk to your Höcker Polytechnik industry expert. We design tailor-made process waste disposal solutions for all die cutting operations.


Shredder PHSS K/B 40 Belt shredder with 400mm rotor diameter. Crushes the punching waste of several punching machines.
Shredder PHSS K/B Belt shredders for efficient process waste disposal in the corrugated board industry and packaging production
Shredder PHSS K/B with sound insulation box - Belt shredder for efficient process waste disposal in the corrugated board industry and packaging production