Folded boxes / packaging

Folded boxes / packaging

Höcker Polytechnik is a winner with individual solutions for the disposal of surplus production in the folding carton and packaging industry. Chads and gripper margins are reliably shredded, extracted and disposed of. Also and especially difficult materials and different paper weights. Production keeps running – the Höcker disposal system takes care of the rest.

The PHSS Shredder meets the high requirements of modern punching machines

Shredded disposal

Bulky production waste is shredded directly on the production machines with the special punching and gripper margin shredders for ease of transport. The Höcker Polytechnik pneumatic transport system takes care of the rest.

Individual transport solutions

The Höcker Polytechnik transport solutions reliably disposes of large amounts of material or of difficult types of material. Production rests are conveyed to recycling using belt or pneumatic transport systems.