Metal processing

Metal processing - suction and briquetting of swarf

If sawing, milling, turning or dilling metal, there will be one thing left over apart from the finished product - shavings! We are at your service with helpful solutions for shavings disposal and processing, as well as innovative products for welding fume extraction and high-quality paintwork.

Höcker Polytechnik makes the most of your metal shavings. Briquettes! Using a BrikStar briquetting press will pay for itself since cooling fluid can be recovered and higher recycling revenues can be attained.

When combined with a metal saw, our Vacumobil compact deduster will become a voracious consumer of shavings. Shavings and vapours are so simple and easy to extract. Our MultiStar filter systems with cartridge filters have proven their worth for welding fume extraction.

We also have the right solutions for perfect paintwork. Our PaintStar spraying booths and walls and Höcker painting booths ensure optimal working conditions and top surface qualities.

Dedusting, filtering and extraction

Höcker Polytechnik has the ideal solution for every application scenario and company size for dust- and shavings-free production. Whether you use the high-performance Vacumobil Deduster to extract dust non-centrally, or complex extraction systems which reliably provide extraction on the production lines of the leading kitchen manufacturers - the solutions from Höcker Polytechnik operate in an energy-saving manner and ensure the best working conditions. The residual dust content for Höcker extractors and filter systems is below 0.1mg/m3. The Vacumobil Deduster and MultiStar filter systems with residual dust sensor are H3/GS-certified.

Paint mist extraction / paint booths

Perfect your products with perfectly painted surfaces. Spraying walls and paint booths from Höcker Polytechnik ensure an ideal working environment for paint professionals and protect the health of your employees.

Energy efficiency systems

Here at Höcker Polytechnik, we know how you can get optimal suction performance with minimal energy consumption. The combination of our modern management and monitoring system with energy-efficient fans and well-thought out system technology means your energy costs will be lowered by up to 60%.

The energy-saving experts at Höcker will be happy to calculate just how quickly replacing your old system with a modern Höcker system will pay for itself within a few short years. Just speak to us.