PHS-O Shredder

for conveyor belt systems

PHS-O Shredder

Team player in automated disposal processes with conveyor belt systems

Höcker Polytechnik‘s high-performance shredder PHS-O will be fed from above via central conveyor belts and is intergrated perfectly into the production process. Three toothed shafts, equipped with easily demountable teeth in halfshell enclosures in cast or blade construction comminute large-sized production waste from paper and cardboard efficiently and quickly. Thanks to the low circumferential speed of the tearing shafts the noise level and energy consumption will be reduced in 24-hour operation.

Where cardboard, paper or cardboard core production waste is produced, the PHS-O conveyor belt system shredder offers new freedom. As a reliable “shredding centre”, it optimises the production waste for further processing in container or baling presses.

The PHS-O shredder is the perfect solution for the folded box industry as well as corrugated cardboard production and processing in order to prepare process waste for paper recycling. Its three slow-running shafts reliably crush the material using the shredding/cutting principle – minimising wear and reducing maintenance effort.

Thanks to its robust construction and powerful drive units, this industrial shredder is perfect for continuous 24-hour operation. The PHS-O shredder developed especially for the folded box and corrugated cardboard industry offers high processing performance with low energy consumption.


Technical data

Working width: 800 mm - 1,600 mm
Power: 18 kW- 22 kW
Throughput: up to 8 t/h (depending on material)
Cutting shafts: with mounted blades or
with cast teeth
Control: easy to use control panel
Discharge: pneumatic or with conveyor belt
Standard colour: Höcker blue, RAL 5005
(customer specific corporate colours optional)