Paint booths


Seiler Pianofortefabrik GmbH, Kitzingen, Germany / Piano manufacturing

High-quality piano lacquer surfaces for first-class pianos and concert grand pianos are produced in the Höcker Polytechnik lacquering booth and the associated drying room. Energy-efficient technology with frequency control, LED lights and heat recovery. Paintblock filter with Paintgrid pre-filters.

At a glance

Paint booth 36 m2

  • Paintblock Filter with Paintgrid Prefilter
  • constant temperature of 25°C and air humidity of 50%.
  • upstream air humidifier with integrated water treatment and UV disinfection
  • LED lighting (Ex-protected)
  • Heat recovery with an efficiency of 51% (cross-flow heat exchanger)

Drying room 48 m2

  • Recirculation process with fresh air admixture
  • LED lighting

incl. central control system SPS technology, panel and frequency converter operation

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