Paint booths


Seibel und Weyer, Bottrop, Germany / Store and interior fittings

Painting centre with sluice system consisting of preparation room, painting room with underfloor extraction and drying room.

At a glance

Paint booth 9,9m x 7,1m x 3,0m

  • Two underfloor extraction units 4.8m x 4.18m, each with one extraction unit
  • Heat recovery by means of cross-flow heat exchangers
  • Adjoining paint preparation room 12.7m x 2.3m

grinding cabin 10,m x 7,0m x 3,0m

  • Underfloor extraction 4.8m x 4.1m
  • Vertical ventilation with fresh air admixture
  • Adjoining buffer lock 10.0m x 3.18m

Drying cabin 10,7m x 9,15 x 3,0m

  • Diagonal ventilation with circulating air and fresh air admixture

incl. central control system SPS technology - frequency converter operation and process visualization