Paint booths


Wolfgang Schlüter GmbH, Hilter a.TW., Germany / Forklift sales

The painting centre of Wolfgang Schlüter's forklift sales department consists of a separable, combined washing and drying cabin and a washing hall. The painting booth is suitable for painting XXL forklifts as well as up to four normal forklifts. The cabin is divisible and allows 2x2 forklifts to be painted and dried.

At a glance

  • Combined painting and drying booth 12 x 7x 6.8 m floor space with separating door for energy saving
  • Total volume flow 40,000 m3/h - Combined supply and exhaust air unit with gas surface burner technology
  • Drive power 2 x 7.5 kW - with heat recovery module as cross-flow plate heat exchanger
  • Gas surface burner for heating output of 300 kW - heating output without WRG 469 kW - with WRG 221 kW
  • Supply air filter ceilings for total area
  • Energy-saving lighting system ex. protected 12 Wall mounted 12 Inclined recessed luminaires
  • 6 underfloor extraction pits 5 x 1-5 m - for a max. wheel load of 4 tons
  • Suction duct system for washing hall for the collection of water vapour incl. droplet separator, a total of 20 m2 collection area with light liquid separator

    incl. central control system SPS technology - frequency converter operation and process visualisation