Paint booths


Presto GmbH, Bad Laer, Germany / Container presses

Convenient and energy-efficient painting of container presses. The three combined painting and drying cabins are equipped with aids such as hydraulic lifting platforms and swivel platforms, thus enabling convenient 360° access during painting.

At a glance

  • 3 combined painting and drying booths with gas surface burner technology and heat recovery for a total of 90,000 m3/h with underfloor extraction pits of 8 x 1.0 metres each with primary and secondary filter separation
  • Sandwich panel cabin 20,0m x 12,0m x 4,7m with subdivision and steel construction for ventilation units
  • Hydraulic lifting platforms in the ground
  • Hydraulic swivel platforms on the walls
  • Sectional gates for inputs and outputs
  • Explosion-protected lighting with energy-saving switching function
  • Central control cabinet for complete system with automatic control and frequency converter regulation