Paint booths


padati GmbH, Wittlich-Wengerohr, Germany / Carpentry, joiner's workshop

High-quality furniture and interior finishing at the highest level. A 40 m2 paint booth with paintblock filters, energy-efficient LED lighting and heat recovery and a 48 m2 drying room and production rooms were integrated to save space.

At a glance

Painting and drying booth 18.0m x 6.0m x 5.0m

  • Automatic 3-zone switching with diagonal ventilation
  • Manual suspension conveyor for small parts
  • LED lighting
  • Manual folding sliding door to the adjacent dryer
  • Heat recovery with an efficiency of 70% (rotary heat exchanger)
  • Heating capacity 420 kW, with heat recovery 130 kW

Drying room 18,0m x 7,0m x 5,0m

  • Recirculation process with fresh air admixture
  • LED lighting
  • Manual folding sliding doors

incl. central control system PLC technology and frequency converter operation