Wood and industry


Kneer GmbH Fenster und Türen, Westerheim, Germany

This high-performance MultiStar filter installation with jet air cleaning sucts wooden shavings and dust from the manufacturing of high quality windows and doors in a safe and reliable manner.

Year of construction:   2014
Installation description:   Filter installation MultiStar SW 12/6-489 including sound insulation
Filter surface:   489 m2
Air volume:   64,000 m3/h
Fans:   4 external fans DVR 45/500, 30 kW
1 fan DTO2 300−300, 15,0 kW (silo transport)
1 fan TRE 200/180, 0,55 kW (suction of glue)
Discharge:   via rotary valve and transport fan into silo
Control:   control cabinet with PLC control and frequency converter
Special features:   5 suction lines and comprehensive fire protection