KAB Kärntner Abfallbewirtschaftung GmbH, A-Klagenfurt, Austria

Extraction plant including aeration for sorting house and comprehensive features for heat recovery.

Year of construction:   2011
Description of installation:   Filter MultiStar JL 12/6-384 with fan top module and sound insulation, vent stack with deflecting hood, filter monitoring device PFM 02 with residual dust monitoring
Filter surface:   384 m2
Air volume:   32,500 m3
Fans:   exhaust fan DER 035/500, 37kW
Discharge:   into 1,1 m2 container
Control:   Control cabinet with PLC-control
Special features:   Aeration for sorting with combined supply-/exhaust air unit including heat recovery via cross-flow heat exchanger, supply sir: 6.000m³/h exhaust air: 5.100m³/h hot water coil