PaintStar T

Spray stand

PaintStar T spray stand

T for top solution for small workpieces

The PaintStarT is the smallest model in the PaintStar range - ideal for painting small parts in trade and industry. Because conventional spray walls are not always best suited for painting smaller work pieces. The ergonomic height of the work surface and the high suction output with two-stage filtering, and low-turbulence air flow guarantee a pleasant working atmosphere and first-class surface quality. Complemented by the Polytechnik concertina cardboard filter, the PaintStar T spares your wallet and the environment.

PaintStar T1200 spray stand (with additional equipment)

All advantages at a glance

  • Low purchase price and low energy consumption
  • Optimum work width of 1.20 m
  • High separation rate
  • Low follow-up costs with economical standard filters 
  • Built-in storage shelf under the suction table
  • Integrated rod for hanging up small parts
  • Long service life and low operating costs 
  • Vertical and horizontal suction
  • Integrated extraction fan 0.75kW (Atex)
  • Very high energy efficiency
PaintStar T2400 Spray stand

When needed, the PaintStar models can easily be fitted out with additional extras. For larger work volumes, the 2.4-metre wide T2400 model offers an interesting alternative to the PaintStar T1200.

Delivery is made completely assembled on a disposable wooden pallet. Only the extraction duct has to be connected up with four bolts (optionally on the right or on the left) and the electricity supply has to be connected. Special accessories are delivered separately due to the height during transport.

Special accessories at extra charge (illustration see title)

  • Roof with built-in lamp (explosion-protected)
  • Lateral inspection windows
  • Mounting blocks for workpieces (supplied in pairs) 
  • Rotating mounting block
  • Re-circulating air operation (only for VOC-free paints)
  • Lacquering support plate of perforated sheet
  • Movable drying rack