PaintStar 21-3500 / 21.5-6000

Spray walls

PaintStar 21-3500 / 21.5-6000

For many purposes a spray wall is still the ideal solution for collecting and filtering paint mist. However, most systems are of complex construction and represent high purchase costs. Other cheap systems on the other hand dispense with quality or provide unsatisfactory filtering. With the PaintStar things are different: Two filter stages ensure a very high separation rate of up to 99%.

PaintStar - spray wall for protection against paint mist

The zigzag folded primary filter absorbs considerably more overspray than conventional filter mats. The secondary filter mat ensures that the fan and the environment are protected as far as possible from negative effects. In order to additionally gather solvents effectively at ground level, the Paint Star is provided with a lower intake. The filter cassette in this case is simply pushed into place from the front. Indeed, rapid, simple filter changing is one of the Paint Star's strongest points. Included in delivery is a roughly 10-metre long mains cable, complete with non-explosive protected on-off switch. Special versions, e.g.: with continuously variable drive can also be supplied.

The Paintstar 21.5-x splashback is available with volume flows of 3500 m3/h or 6000 m3/h.