Paintblock filters

as underfloor solution

Paintblock Filter (underfloor solution)

Vive la révolution! The PaintStar paint spray mist extraction system simplifies changing the filter

The filter of the paint spray mist extraction must be able to "breathe” freely to ensure optimum surface quality. Regular filter changes are therefore an important must-do task in any spray booth or spray wall. Every filter change costs money and is the cause of annoying downtime in the paint shop.

Less frequent, faster and more ergonomic filter change

There now is a new filter system on the market that significantly extends the filter life and so promises consistently good spray mist extraction performance. The PaintStar system with Paintblock filter cubes.

Convert your existing underfloor extraction system

Höcker Polytechnik supports you in the conversion of your underfloor extraction system with folding carton filters to paint block elements. We measure your system and develop an individual paintblock solution for you. Our technicians take care of the fast, smooth rebuild. Afterwards you benefit from the long filter life of the Paintblock system.

Just talk to your Höcker Polytechnik experts about the conversion possibilities for your system.