PaintStar PFW

Spray wall

PaintStar PFW dry paint fog extraction walls

The PaintStar M and PFW are the highlights of modern dry paint fog extraction walls. Versatility, flexibility, convenience and quality are the hallmarks of these ranges. Paint fog extraction systems from Höcker Polytechnik meet the highest demands on surface quality which increasingly determine production in modern manufacturing facilities and beyond that are outstandingly suited for high gloss surfaces. The PaintStar PFW version includes, in contrast to the PaintStar M, an integrated explosion-protected fan. This machine with its compact assembly is a winner even in the smallest space.

Two special filter media ensure a high separation rate of up to 99 %. The zigzag folded primary filter absorbs considerably more overspray than conventional filter mats. In addition, the secondary filter mat bonds the finest particles and thus protects not only the environment, but also the fan as far as possible from negative effects. The low-draught and low-turbulence crossflow guarantees at the same time a pleasant working atmosphere and good surface quality.

Special solutions as regards height and width can be made to order. Using standard components from the Höcker Polytechnik range allows us to offer an excellent cost-performance ratio. Innovative technology lowers energy costs by a considerable margin and reduces exposure for people and the environment to a minimum.

PaintStar PFW spray wall