PaintStar U

Underfloor-paintmist extraction

PaintStar U underfloor-paintmist extraction

The PaintStar U paint mist extraction system from Höcker Polytechnik creates unique surface quality, high work safety and more economical production conditions.  Furthermore, they provide unlimited freedom of movement during the work process and thus high productivity. The PaintStar U by Höcker Polytechnik is ideally suited for all purposes and combined with a paint mist extraction wall can be used with complete confidence for any complex painting job.

Paint mist and solvents generally obey the laws of gravity and sink downwards. Underfloor extraction reinforces this vertical flow. Combined with a suitable overhead air supply ceiling, a low-turbulence vertical airflow is generated. The one-metre wide branch ducts with special perforated sheets ensure even suction over the entire surface. This way, the paint mist is effectively captured and bonded to the pleated cardboard filter under the gratings. Due to the distance between the concertina cardboard filter and the following second filter stage, and the use of special filter materials, the service life of the filter is considerably lengthened in comparison with conventional underfloor extraction systems.

PaintStar UM Underfloor suction system