PHS Shredder

 for corrugated cardboard and paper waste

PHS Shredder

In use worldwide - proven hundreds of times

The high performance shredders from the PHS series shred all paper and corrugated cardboard waste and prepare this for pressing. The PHS cardboard shredder is the perfect solution for the paper industry and corrugated cardboard production and processing in order to process large sheets for the recycling of waste paper. Thanks to its three slow-moving shafts, the cardboard shredder reliably shreds the inserted sheets using the tear/cutting principle. This minimises the costs of wear and tear and reduces maintenance requirements in comparison to a granulator.

Thanks to its robust construction and its powerful drives, this industrial cardboard shredder is perfect for continuous use in all companies in the paper and corrugated cardboard industry. This especially for the paper industry.

Technical data

Working width: 1,200 mm - 2,500 mm
Power: 18 kW- 22 kW
Throughput: up to 8 t/h (depending on material)
Cutting shafts: with mounted blades or
with cast teeth
Control: easy to use control panel
Discharge: pneumatic or with conveyor belt
Standard colour: Höcker blue, RAL 5005
(customer specific corporate colours optional)



PHS - Shredder - Working width: 1,600 mm - Discharge: pneumatic
PHS - Shredder - Working width: 1,800 mm - Discharge: conveyor belt