PMA Material separators

for paper and corrugated board industry

Material separators for paper, cardboard and corrugated cardboard

Material separator type: PMA-U

Wherever production waste from paper or cardboard is recycled on a large scale, the PMA-U Material Separator handles the crucial job in the run-up to the filter. Coarse material is removed from the airflow and forwarded to recycling and the filter system handles the paper dust.

The PMA-U Material Separator thus not only organises the recycling area but also significantly reduces the dust load in the disposal area. This ensures a professional, clean and healthy work environment.

Manage air flows of 8,000 to 75,000 m³/h and choose from six variants, which can be equipped with a variety of inlet and output devices for individual customer and space requirements. The PMA-U Material Separator can be individually adapted for every practical case and for any desired air volume. The material separator can be combined with transport and filtration components at any time.

Scope of Application

  • Corrugated board production
  • Paper production
  • Cardboard box production
  • Production of packaging
  • Printing companies
  • Bookbinders
  • Recycling
  • wherever production waste occurs of paper / cardboard / corrugated cardboard which requires the integration of disposal processes