PMA Material separators

Separating the coarse from the fine

PMA Rotary Airlock Separators

This unit is designed to extract dust from the production area and remove any waste generated by your facility's production machinery. It is an indispensable tool to reliably separate your process waste and contribute to your recycling program.

Material Separation at its Finest

The PMA rotary airlock separator is designed to extract waste material from your production machines and is an integral part of the material recovery process. Hocker Polytechnik is setting the new standard for material separation efficiency, and are available for multiple applications.

Advantages at a glance

  • Over 2500 units were sold worldwide
  • Reliable continuous operation
  • Minimum power requirement
  • High air and material through-put volume
  • Can be coupled with all types of downstream dust separating filters
  • Non-pressurized material discharging is possible
  • Compact construction and low construction height
  • Simple accessibility for maintenance and inspection
  • Feeding horizontally or vertically possible
  • Can be operated in non-pressurized operation, i.e extremely energy saving

PMA Rotary Airlock Separators

High Efficiency Units with Low Power Consumption

Separators from Höcker Polytechnik are used as preliminary separation of coarse paper and cardboard wastes. In their various sizes and forms, they represent tailor-made solutions for loading balers, containers and compactors of all makes and models. Additionally special versions for foil separation (PMA-F) or other special materials can be constructed as well.

Höcker Polytechnik is setting new standards with our PMA material separators. The patented method and the huge range of potential applications make our PMAs highly efficient workhorses in the prefiltering stage. The air conveying system handles the material and the rotary air lock separates the paper, cardboard, foil waste, coarse wood and general waste from the supply airflow. The material is discharged from the filter and automated material recovery process continues.

The separator PMA has unique construction characteristics, e.g. the continuous self-cleaning of the modified rotary valve.