PMA Material Separators

for Foils and Packaging Industry

Material separators for Flexible Packaging and Foils

Material separator type: PMA-F

With the PMA-F rotary airlock separator, you reliably convey and remove trimming waste of foils, flexible plastic packaging. The PMA-F rotary airlock separators are specifically designed and constructed for such recycling processes.

Robust and tear-resistant foils are a special challenge during the separation process. The PMA-F material separator masters the material handling of foil packaging and is used worldwide by packaging and consumer goods manufacturers.

Foil waste would then be pneumatically conveyed and the final recycling processes are also considerably simplified with the PMA-F material separator.

Manage air flows of 8,000 to 75,000 m³/h and choose from six variants, which can be equipped with a variety of inlet and output devices for individual customer and space requirements. The PMA-F material separator can be individually adapted for any practical application and for any desired air volume. The material separator can be combined with transport and filtration components at any time.


Scope of application

  • Production of foils
  • Production of packaging
  • Consumer goods industry
  • Packaging services
  • Recycling plants
  • All companies which process foils and require waste trimmings to be integrated into automated waste management processes