Cyclone Separator

Pre-separation par excellence

Cyclone separators

Efficiently relieving the filter with centrifugal force

Cyclones or cyclone separators from Höcker Polytechnik are the ideal pre-separators when, for example, long-fibre or large-area production waste is extracted pneumatically. The coarse material is separated from the raw air by means of the centrifugal effect and is disposed of separately. Efficient separation upstream of the filter increases the efficiency of the filtration process, protects the filter material and ensures the safe operation of the entire extraction system.

Areas of applicatio

  • Pre-separation of coarse materials and large quantities of material from pneumatic conveying processes.
  • As a silo end separator in a ring circuit system - combined with flame-arresting rotary valves
  • Application in wood, plastics and metal processing
  • Applications from 2,000 m3/h to 20,000 m3/h volume flows (higher capacities on request)

For more than 60 years Höcker Polytechnik has been developing and manufacturing extraction and filter systems and, of course, cyclones. Benefit from our experience from many successful projects, also from your industry, and talk to us. We will find the optimal solution for you.