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Material Separators and Cyclones

PMA material separators from Hocker Polytechnik are an essential component in air conveying systems across various industries. The rotary airlock separators act as the primary stage of the dust and material separation process by separating the larger and heavier material particles from the fine dust particles. The heavier material is then conveyed into the baling or compacting process, while the dust continues on to your facilities dust collector. The PMA material separators are suitable for processing cardboard, paper, foils, coarse wood or other production waste, and more!

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Material separator from Höcker Polytechnik for efficient pre-separation

The PMA material separators, developed in 1985, work according to a patented concept and are essential for your company’s air conveying and material recovery systems. A rotating rotary valve transports the coarse material out of the air stream so that only the dust-laden raw air enters the filter. The material separated by the rotary airlock can then be easily processed for recycling via balers or compactors.

Each Hocker Polytechnik material separator is manufactured to suit the application and the volume of material so it can optimize your air conveying and material recovery systems.

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Optimization of Industrial Disposal Processes - Rotary Airlock Material Separators from Hocker Polytechnik

More than 2,500 PMA material separators from Hocker Polytechnik are used worldwide. They are essential components of the material recovery process in corrugated board production, paper production, packaging production, folding carton production, and waste management industries. 

The PMA material separators are available in various designs and sizes. This not only allows them to be adapted to the needs of your company, but also to process high material volumes and a wide variety of materials such as corrugated scrap, folding carton scrap and punching waste, film cuttings from flexible packaging production, and even general industrial waste. Because of our rotary airlock material separators, the material waste and dust are separated, allowing the material to be effectively recycled to maintain an environmentally friendly and economically advantageous waste handling process. With Hocker Polytechnik’s rotary airlock separators and cyclones you can make your waste disposal process simple and efficient.

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Rotary Airlock Material Separators

The material separation process takes waste material and dust laden air and separates them from each other. The rotary airlock separator allows the coarse material to be separated from the air and continue through the material recovery process, via a baler or compactor. The dust-laden air continues on to the dust collector where it is filtered before being either recirculated in the facility, or expelled to the outside air.

Cyclone Material Separators

Cyclones are excellent options for the pre-separation within your material recovery processes. They can be tailored to suit the needs of your business, and can be combined with other airlock separators to further separate coarse material from dust.

Essential for any Air Conveying System

Hocker Polytechnik material separators are reliable and suitable for continuous operation for high volume operations while maintaining low energy consumption. Our rotary airlock separators are suitable for use above balers or compactors, requiring no pressure to discharge material. The units are compact, maintain a low overall height and have easy access for maintenance and routine inspections.

What industries are rotary airlock separators suitable for?

The PMA-U rotary airlock separator is used to handle paper, cardboard, corrugated and folding carton scraps. By integrating these units into your material handling recovery systems, you can boost your material recovery rates and generate higher recycling revenues. The PMA-U rotary airlock separator can handle air flows of up to 75,000 m3/h.

The PMA-F rotary airlock separator is used to handle films generated in the flexible packaging industry. The robust and tear-resistant films and packaging residues are a unique application that this unit is specifically designed to handle. The PMA-F rotary airlock separator can handle air flows of up to 75,000 m3/h.

The PMA-R rotary airlock separator is used in the recycling industry. Within this industry, there are a wide variety of materials that need to be handled, and the PMA-R is designed to handle multiple types of materials.

In addition to the rotary airlock separators, Hocker Polytechnik also offers cyclones and magnetic separators as effective pre-separation options to suit the needs of your business. Speak to one of our representatives today to learn more about the right solution for your business!

How do rotary airlock separators work?

Rotary airlock separators are fed by your material handling air conveying systems. A constantly rotating rotary valve sorts the coarser material of the air flow and allows the dust-laden raw air to pass through to the filter. The sort material is prepared for recycling via balers or compactors, and our MultiStar filter cleans the dust-laden air. This process relieves extends the operational life of the filter and of your dust collection systems while increasing filtration efficiency.

PMA rotary airlock separators process air volumes of up to 75,000 m3/h and enable efficient recycling or disposal of production waste such as paper waste, film waste, and more.

Where are rotary airlock separators used?

Rotary airlock separators are an essential component of the material recovery systems. Material is pneumatically conveyed from your production machinery to the separator, where it is filtered and then compressed using balers or compactors. The PMA-U (paper/cardboard), PMA-F (plastic/film) or PMA-R (recycling) work as the first step of filtration by separating the coarse material from the fine dust.

Each rotary airlock separator is specially developed and manufactured to suit its application. Talk to your local Hocker Polytechnik representative about the advantages of using a PMA rotary airlock separator.

What makes the rotary airlock separators unique?

Our PMA material separators work according to a patented design principle that has been proven over 2,500 times and is constantly being optimized through regular technology updates. They are used to optimize the material disposal process in industry and trade, and are used in sectors such as paper and cardboard manufacturing, corrugated cardboard producers, flexible packaging, and waste management facilities.

The PMA rotary airlock separators are energy efficient and increase filtration effectiveness by working upstream of the filter. The filter performance is therefore increased and energy input for filtration is reduced, saving you money.