Shredder / Crusher facilities

for cardboard, corrugated cardboard, cores and paper

High shredder performance for cardboard and paper

The Höcker Polytechnik shredder range includes various low- and highspeed devices, each with different capacity and attachments.

All the shredder models can be easily combined with other Höcker Polytechnik components, such as extractors, cutters and filter systems, as well as extractors for pneumatic disposal, or conveyor systems for mechanical disposal. If you have any questions regarding your own special field, please call us.

We will be happy to help with information and advice.

High-performance shredder for the paper, packaging and corrugated board industry

Making short work

High performance shredders by Höcker Polytechnik offer tailor-made solutions for volume reduction and pre-compacting treatment for large-sized paper and fibreboard scrap. Our low-speed shredders work on the cut-and-rip principle, in which the toothed-shafts turn in opposing directions and rotate at different speeds. This reduces the noise level and the wear and tear on the machinery since the toothed shafts mesh without touching and rotate at low peripheral speed.