Painting centres

Perfect painting in large batches

Paint centers - high lot sizes perfectly lacquered

Preparation, painting, drying. Space for everything. Airlock separated and automated on request. Make the most of your opportunities.

Painting in style. On a grand scale.

The scalable Höcker system offers you planning freedom when painting. Achieve the infrastructure and optimal working conditions for large batch painting or continuous processing of bulky items.

Bring your painting dreams to life

When painting for the furniture or kitchen industries, all paint shop processes must function smoothly. Höcker system painting centres create high-performance painting worlds with sophisticated conveyor belt technology, productivity features and quality assurance mechanisms. Create a network for preparation, painting and drying over several hundred m².

Large-scale painting starts “small”

For wood-processing companies delivering high gloss lacquered products in the furniture industry, the Höcker paint system opens ups completely new possibilities. It offers all the features of an industrial plant in a much smaller space. Without compromise!