Paintblock systems

for a longer filter life

Paint blocks

For optimum surface quality, the filter of the paint mist extraction system must be able to “breathe“ freely. Regular filter changes are therefore an important duty in every paint booth. Every filter change costs money and causes annoying downtimes in the paint shop.

Now there is a new filter system on the market that considerably extends filter service life and promises a consistently good paint mist extraction performance.

Each of these small, easy-to-use, compact filter cubes contains a complex pre-separation and an after-filter. Such a filter cube offers up to 10 m² filter area per m² of front surface of the filter wall. The design within the cube is ingenious and increases the capacity of the paint mist by up to ten times. The result is a powerful, low-maintenance and economical filter system.

This paint block system is suitable for all common paint variants and is also available with a pre-filter.