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Paint mist extraction systems and paint booths

Dazzling results.

The quality of your products’ surface is your business card. Paint mist extraction systems help you to optimise the surface, and protect your employees from hazardous materials. Höcker Polytechnik offers the right solution for every challenge. Minimal investment costs, low ongoing costs, great coating results.

Any questions? Then find out here about our painting systems for trade and industry.

Our paint booths

Brilliant results with our painting systems

We are continuously developing our technology. Based on over 55 years of experience in research and development, we create units which win over our customers through maximum energy efficiency, operational safety and reliability. Höcker units bring together sensible innovations and renowned standards of construction.

Listen well!

Thanks to our ”all-round carefree package“ for the paint workshop we are able to plan a tailored solution for your business. Your company and your products are at the heart of any of our plans. Starting with the sanding areas, right through professional paint booths, to drying areas, we allow you to make the best use of your space. We implement state of the art painting technology quickly and simply - wherever and however you want.

Our aim is always

  • to increase productivity
  • to reduce energy consumption
  • to optimise quality of finish
  • modernisation with the features of the latest painting technology

Say goodbye to paint mist!

You know best about your paint booth. Together we will find the solution to fully utilise the space available, perfectly integrated into your production processes, and raising the quality of your paint jobs. And since the cheapest and cleanest form of energy is that which is not used, we use the resources of electricity, water and gas in a purposeful and economical way.