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Industrial paint booths & paint spraying systems from Höcker Polytechnik

Paint your products carefree with industrial paint spraying systems, paint mist extraction systems and industrial paint booths from Höcker Polytechnik. With our paint spraying systems and paint booths, you get the right workspace for perfectly painted surfaces. We offer you the right solution for every requirement, every industry and every product: machines, vehicles, yachts, railways or even wind turbines get their optimal paint finish in spray booths from Höcker Polytechnik.

Höcker Polytechnik provides you with the perfect equipment for all phases of the painting process: Our painting systems and industrial paint booths as well as paint mist extraction systems support you during preparation, painting, flash-off and drying. And best of all: We not only supply standardised products, but also create individual products with or for our customers that are adapted to processes, ideas and framework conditions - from small spray rooms to entire painting lines.

With our experience from over 60 years of research & development, we create systems that convince our customers with low investment costs, maximum energy efficiency, operational safety and reliability.

Höcker Polytechnik is therefore your perfect partner in the field of spray booths, paint spraying systems and paint mist extraction systems.

We are happy to help you to find the better solution.

Painting solutions for many industries

  • Furniture manufacturers
  • Carpenters
  • Vehicle manufacturers
  • Special vehicle manufacturers
  • Plastic parts manufacturers
  • Paint shops as service providers
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Plant engineering
  • Shipyards
  • Yacht building
  • Aviation industry
  • Wind power industry
  • Automotive suppliers
  • Agricultural machinery manufacturers
  • Lighting manufacturers
  • Rail vehicles

and many more, where industrial paint and spray booths are necessary.

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The advantages of our industrial paint booths

Perfect results by our paint spraying system

We are constantly developing our technologies. With our experience from over 55 years of research and development, we create industrial spray booth systems that convince our customers with maximum energy efficiency, operational safety and reliability. Höcker Polytechnik paint spraying systems for painting operations and paint mist extraction systems with the latest painting technology combine the technically sensible innovations with proven plant engineering.

All-round carefree package

With our "all-round carefree package" for the paint shop, we project the tailor-made solution for your company. We plan individual projects that culminate in your perfect painting system, paint booth, paint mist extraction systems or spray walls.

Good bye, Paint mist!

You know best what requirements your spray booth has to fulfil. Together we will find the solution that makes perfect use of your available space, integrates optimally into your production processes and increases the quality of the paintwork. And since the cheapest and cleanest energy is the energy that is not consumed, we use the resources electricity, water and gas in a targeted and economical manner for our spray booths. Höcker Polytechnik supports you in the modernisation or new planning of your coating systems.

Working with reduced paint mist - paint mist extraction systems from Höcker Polytechnik

Paint mist, pollutants and paint vapours are generated during painting work. Clean air at the workplace is therefore not only important for the protection of the employees, but also essential for perfect painting results and ensure lint and dust-free workpieces.

This is how paint mist extraction systems from Höcker Polytechnik work:

  • A powerful air movement is generated at the painting station in the spray booth (30 - 50cm air speed per second).
  • This air movement in the industrial paint booth flows over workpieces and the surrounding area and captures flying paint droplets and gases.
  • Toxic, groundwater endangering, respirable, flammable and explosive paint mist, paint mist droplets as well as flammable gases are transported to the filter and solids are filtered out.
  • The fresh air in the spray booth, which is flowing in is clean, heated and not polluted.

Paint mist extraction systems from Höcker Polytechnik therefore ensure clean air at the workplace and are planned in such a way that paint mist, dusts and gases are effectively extracted. The painting workplaces equipped with systems from Höcker Polytechnik are also safe in the sense of the Industrial Safety Ordinance, the BImSch regulations, fire protection, the hazardous substances regulations, the rules and regulations of the employers' liability insurance association, the machinery directives with their sets of rules and the ATEX directive.

We are happy to help you to find the better solution.

What products does Höcker Polytechnik offer in the area of painting systems?

Höcker Polytechnik offers a selection of painting systems, paint mist extraction systems and painting and drying booths. Our painting systems combine many high-quality individual components and are customised to meet your individual paint mist extraction requirements:

Paint mist extraction walls, heat recovery systems, gas surface burners, air washers, floor conveyor technology, combination booths, drying rooms, paint block, activated carbon filters, batch dryers, pre-treatment systems, spray stands, rotor, explosion-proof LED lights, hand-held overhead conveyor, paint storage ventilation systems, evaporation zones, IR dryers, Paintgrid, bio filter systems, continuous dryers, powerwash systems, robot coating, supply air systems, energy-saving systems for paint booths, spray humidifiers, power and free conveyors, spray booths, dryers, UV dryers, folding carton filters, personnel work lifts, adhesive water dryers and flame treatment systems for surface activation.

What is the difference between paint mist extraction systems and paint booths?

Höcker's paint mist extraction systems are mostly open systems with pure exhaust air technology, particularly suitable for extracting pollutants and help to optimise surfaces and protect employees from pollutants. The following should be noted here: A paint mist extraction system is only permissible for extracting small quantities of paint (up to 0.5 kg) per day.

Combined spraying and drying systems, on the other hand, are enclosed rooms or booths and serve the purpose of spraying and drying paints. By means of ventilation units and built-in paint mist extraction systems, surfaces can be painted and also dried in these closed booths.

For which sectors of industry and craft are coating systems relevant?

Höcker Polytechnik distributes painting technology for a wide variety of sectors in the craft and industry trades:

  • Craft
  • Industry
  • Furniture construction
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Plastics processing
  • Vehicle construction
  • Special vehicle construction
  • Aviation
  • Rail vehicles
  • Shipyards and yacht building

 and more!

Here Höcker Polytechnik offers solutions ranging from small painting jobs to painting systems for large products:

  • Small painting: For small products Höcker offers simple paint mist extraction walls, spray stands, small painting booths or, depending on the requirements, complete continuous painting systems.
  • For large products such as wings of wind power plants, locomotives, tanks or 30-metre sailing yachts, Höcker Polytechnik offers combination booths of corresponding sizes.
What service does Höcker Polytechnik offer for large coating centres?

When varnishing on a large scale, the size of the workpieces in particular can become a challenge. Particular attention must be paid to the control of the air flow, parts handling, work safety as well as partially automated processes.

 Here, we are particularly convincing with individual advice and customised solutions and concepts adapted to customer requirements:

  • Our planners deal with the process steps of these special painting techniques and find suitable solutions to meet your requirements.
  • In addition, Höcker Polytechnik's planners take care of legal framework conditions (e.g. industrial safety & toxic substances regulations, fire protection, ATEX and standards).
  • They then draw up concepts and offers to suit the task and the regulations.
What is the "all-round carefree package" from Höcker Polytechnik?

With our "all-round carefree package", we offer you tailor-made solutions for your company. We plan individual systems according to customer requirements in order to find the perfect painting system, paint booth, spray wall or paint mist extraction system.

Always with the goals:

  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Optimise painting quality
  • Modernisation with features of the latest painting technology

Höcker Polytechnik offers the following services in addition to intensive consulting:

  • Maintenance / Repair / Spare parts / Filters
  • Explosion protection assessment in accordance with ATEX on painting systems and warehouses in accordance with TRGS 510 of 2013
  • Testing in accordance with the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health
  • Testing in accordance with VDMA standard sheet 24365 Testing of surface technology systems
  • Conversions

And every customer of a Höcker Poytechnik system also benefits from the right to free advice for the entire service life of the system. The non-binding expertise of our industry professionals supports you in the event of subsequent modifications and extensions to your system.

What should I look out for when buying a painting system?

The following features are particularly important when purchasing painting systems or painting booths:

  • Requirements in operation, such as the size of the parking space or the volume capacity.
  • Legal framework & safety
  • Your available investment budget
  • Availability of spare and wear parts
  • And much more. We will be happy to advise you on this!

Höcker Polytechnik not only offers comprehensive advice and individual concepts of painting technology adapted to your requirements, but also takes care of remote maintenance and service, assistance with discussions with authorities and building applications, availability of spare parts as well as energy efficiency and energy saving possibilities. We also offer additional combination products for painting systems, such as washing systems, conveyor systems, personnel lifts, UV and IR dryers and many more.