Industrial fans

made by Höcker Polytechnik

Powerful extraction, conveying or shredding with industrial fans from Höcker Polytechnik

Industrial fans form the basis of an extraction system or pneumatic conveying system: powerful, smooth-running, reliable and energy-efficient, industrial fans move large volumes of air, dust and chips. Höcker Polytechnik develops and manufactures industrial fans that are specially tailored to the respective application. Clean air fans, transport fans or cutting and tearing fans: each fan is specially designed for its area of application and thus achieves the best possible balance of efficiency and operational reliability. The fans are driven by motors of the highest efficiency class. The combination with smart control technology and frequency converters further reduces energy consumption.

Industrial fans from Höcker Polytechnik work in sectors such as the wood industry, printing industry, cardboard, paper and foil processing, packaging production, plastics and metal processing and recycling companies. They extract clean air, transport dust and chips or prepare coarse material for pneumatic transport by cutting and tearing.

More than 60 years of experience in planning, design, construction and realisation of ventilation systems as well as continuous further development and optimisation make Höcker Polytechnik's industrial fans reliable endurance runners. On request, an experienced Höcker Polytechnik installation team will take care of the installation and commissioning of the fan.

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Reliable endurance runners in use - industrial fans from Höcker Polytechnik

High demands are made on fans: They should work around the clock and of course be reliable, low-noise, efficient and low-maintenance. Fans from Höcker Polytechnik are reliable endurance runners, which are individually developed for your application and work with the highest efficiency. They are designed for continuous daily use and work reliably for many years.

With the retrofit option from Höcker Polytechnik, you can replace your old fans with modern, energy-efficient fans and noticeably reduce your energy costs. With a simple calculation, the annual savings can be quickly determined - you will be surprised how quickly the investment in new ventilation technology can pay for itself.

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Fields of application: Höcker Polytechnik industrial fans are used in these sectors

Industrial fans from Höcker Polytechnik are used in industry and trade:

  • Wood processing and furniture industry: dedusting with clean air fans, pneumatic transport of wood chips and dust with transport fans.
  • Printers, bookbinders: Energy-saving clean air fans operate in extraction systems and transport fans ensure the pneumatic transport of dust and paper residues.
  • Folding boxes and packaging, paper production, corrugated board and cardboard: Filter systems for dust extraction in various plants are equipped with industrial fans. Cutting and tearing fans shred paper and corrugated board edge strips, and transport fans are used for pneumatic transport of process waste from paper, board and corrugated board.
  • Plastics processing: removal of dust, chips and vapours with filter systems and industrial fans.
    Food industry: Dust extraction systems, extraction of packaging residues using extraction systems with industrial fans.
  • Metal processing: Welding fume extraction and chip extraction with filter systems and industrial fans.
    Recycling industry Source and surface dedusting, plant dedusting by means of industrial fans.

The advantage for our customers

Retrofit option

Replacing your old fans with modern, energy-efficient fans noticeably reduces energy costs and also minimises acoustic emissions. Such a replacement can quickly pay for itself in view of the constantly rising energy prices.

Energy-efficient operation

High efficiencies save energy and reduce costs. The technicians at Höcker Polytechnik develop fans with the highest efficiency individually for your application. Energy-efficient motors and frequency converters further increase the efficiency.

Reliable continuous runners

Höcker Polytechnik fans have been continuously developed since 1962 and are convincing in daily continuous operation. They are the solid and low-maintenance core piece of your ventilation or extraction system.

What types of industrial fans are available from Höcker Polytechnik?

Höcker Polytechnik offers you optimum industrial fans for every application:

  • High-performance extraction fans for clean air operate in the fan attachment module or outside the filter house. They deliver an output of up to 90 kW and have been optimised for the best possible efficiency.
  • Transport fans ensure the pneumatic transport of dust, wood chips, paper, tissue, cardboard, corrugated board and foils and have an output of up to 37 kW.
  • Shredding and cutting fans with a maximum power of 22 kW for shredding long-strip or bulky materials.

Industrial fans from Höcker Polytechnik are used in the wood industry, printing industry, cardboard, paper and film processing and wherever particles, dusts, chips and process waste have to be filtered or conveyed automatically.

When does it pay off to replace an old fan?

Fans are in continuous operation, often around the clock and all year round. This makes it all the more important to work with modern industrial fans, because they deliver the required performance with lower power consumption. Modern industrial fans work with the best possible efficiency, and by using a frequency converter and energy-efficient motors, the power consumption of the system can be further reduced.

For example, an older fan operating on the raw air side with a power consumption of 30 kW can be replaced by a modern, highly efficient 22 kW clean air fan. This saves 8 kW per hour, or 48,000 kWh per year for 24-hour production over 5 days. Depending on the electricity costs, you can easily save 10,000 euros or more per year, so that the investment in the new technology can pay for itself within a year.

What should you consider before buying an industrial fan?

Industrial fans should not only deliver a uniform air flow, but also work reliably, quietly, efficiently and with low maintenance. With constantly rising electricity costs, the energy efficiency of the motors and the efficiency of the fans are more in focus than ever: high performance with low power consumption is required. Höcker Polytechnik industrial fans are individually developed for your application and convince with the highest efficiency. Our fans are thoroughly designed with CAD support in our in-house development centre and extensively tested before being installed and commissioned on site - on request by an experienced Höcker Polytechnik installation team.