Dust Collectors

MultiStar dust collectors with walking floor

If the installation height is low, a hydraulically driven push floor is often integrated. Disposal is carried out by rotary valve(s) or briquetting press(es). Sliding bar solutions enable discontinuous filter disposal and prevent the material from bridging.

Hydraulic sliding shelves work similarly to penny pushers at fairs; instead of very few coins, a constant number of chips fall into the discharge opening.

MultiStar dust collectors with push floor - fields of application

Push floor discharge filter systems are designed for the intermediate buffering of different materials and can be variably combined and flexibly used. Depending on customer requirements, solutions of up to 16 square meters can be realized.

The aim of this technology is - to buffer materials for different reasons and requirements - in order to compact and dispose of them later either via a briquetting machine or via pneumatic or mechanical conveyor systems.
Hydraulic walking floor systems have been tried and tested many times and have proven their worth in a wide range of applications. It goes without saying that these solutions can be combined and designed with the well-known possibilities of the MultiStar filter series.