MultiStar MD 160

Medium pressure suction system

Medium-pressure suction system MD 160 A

Compact medium-pressure suction system for manual tools and small manufacturing machines

Less dust in the work area
The MultiStar MD 160 medium pressure suction system is specially designed for the requirements of electric and compressed air tools used daily in workshops. It extracts all the fine particles with an extremely high suction power and lowers dust load in the workrooms.

Ultra-compact and pressure shock tested
Requiring barely 1 m2 space, there’s room for the MultiStar MD160 in any workshop. The ultra-compact power package works with 74dB(A) and is pleasantly quiet with 9,000 Pa vacuum that can simultaneously suction up to six manually operated machines or smaller processing machines. It complies with standards TRGS 553 and BGI 739. The cartridge filter with auto- matic pressure pulse cleaning (jet) generates a nominal flow rate of 1,000 m3/h with the built-in 5.5 kW fan. The cleaned air has a residual dust content of less than 0,2 mg/m3 making it possible to easily direct it back into the work rooms.

Ready to use in just one hour
Installing the MultiStar MD160 is easy. The medium pressure dust extractor by Höcker Polytechnik is delivered preassembled and can be installed in just one hour. After it is assembled, the suction line is connec- ted to the 160mm intake air nozzle, the flexible hoses for the extraction at the tools are attached to the connector fittings and the entire system is ready for operation. Dust and chips are now sucked away during manual work. Customers can select from many options and individually customize their medium pressure suction system.