Extraction systems / Dust extractors

Extraction systems / Dust extractors

Fans and dedusting devices are the most important parts of a suction plant. Höcker Polytechnik is continuously improving the products and services, and is maintaining its focus on economical and reliable solutions. With this in mind and with expertise and experience gained during more than 55 years of researching, developing, and working with customers, we design for you state of the art vacuum systems and dust collectors.

Our extraction systems at a glance

Superior services

The service offering from Höcker Polytechnik includes the capture, transport and partition of dust or particulate materials out of the air or process gas. Elementary parts are planning, producing, assembly and bringing into operation of ventilation systems by the help of customised suction - and dedusting plants.

Decisive advantage

The suction and dedusting plants from Höcker Polytechnik are multifunctional and low-maintenance. No matter if mobile or stationary every plant operates economically and energy saving. Because of the compact design the installation adopts to its place of use. Normally the dedusters from Höcker Polytechnik are equipped with a vibration cleaning. For continuous operation a jet cleaning is available.