Extraction systems / Dust extractors

Mobile and stationary extraction systems and dust extractors from Höcker Polytechnik

Höcker Polytechnik extraction systems and dust extractors are used to collect, convey and separate particles, dust and welding fumes from the air or process gases.

Höcker Polytechnik's product range includes stationary extraction units and mobile extraction systems. The extraction systems are specially adapted to the requirements of the respective industry and the dust to be removed. Mobile extraction units are universal helpers in everyday workshop work or directly extract dust from processing machines. Stationary complete systems such as the DustStar clean the air in the work area of grinding and fine dusts using the recirculation method. Grinding dust extraction tables for connection to an extraction system or dust extractor collect the grinding dust directly at the workplace and reduce the personal dust concentration to a minimum. The MD 160 medium-pressure extraction system is perfect for extracting dust from several manual machines or hoovers (optional).  Höcker Polytechnik extraction systems are used in the wood industry, paper industry, plastics processing, food industry and metal processing.

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Greatest possible economy and operational safety through research and development

60 years of experience in research, development and practice are combined in the products of Höcker Polytechnik, which are continuously developed further. Services, products and processes are constantly improved with the aim of achieving the greatest possible economic efficiency and operational reliability and on the basis of regular communication with customers and suppliers.

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The advantages of a Höcker Polytechnik extraction system

Optimum performance with minimum energy consumption is already the focus when dimensioning and choosing the right location for the modern extraction systems and extraction units. Intelligent system control further improves the efficiency of the systems and reduces costs. Regular maintenance maintains the performance of the system and extends its service life.

Advantages for our customers

Superior services

The service offering from Höcker Polytechnik includes the capture, transport and partition of dust or particulate materials out of the air or process gas. Elementary parts are planning, producing, assembly and bringing into operation of ventilation systems by the help of customised suction - and dedusting plants.

Decisive advantage

The suction and dedusting plants from Höcker Polytechnik are multifunctional and low-maintenance. No matter if mobile or stationary every plant operates economically and energy saving. Because of the compact design the installation adopts to its place of use. Normally the dedusters from Höcker Polytechnik are equipped with a vibration cleaning. For continuous operation a jet cleaning is available.

What is included in the range of services offered by Höcker Polytechnik dust extractors and extraction systems?

Höcker Polytechnik extraction units and extraction systems are used for air purification by capturing, conveying and separating dusts, welding fumes and solid particles from air or process gases. The complete solutions for companies include planning, production, assembly and commissioning, whereby the extraction systems are specially adapted to the individual requirements of the respective industry and the dust to be removed and the work processes. The Höcker Polytechnik team is also there for you after commissioning and offers high system availability with individual maintenance contracts and ensures the functionality of the systems.

How do the different extraction units from Höcker Polytechnik work?

Mobile extraction units from Höcker Polytechnik suck up chips and dust directly at the processing machine, filter the air and collect chips in a collection bag. Depending on the type, the extraction units work with different outputs, filter areas and filling quantities. Stationary extraction units reliably extract fine dust, clean the air via a two-stage filter system and return it to the work area. They operate under negative pressure and are particularly energy-efficient and low-noise.

Which industries are Höcker Polytechnik extraction units suitable for?

Höcker Polytechnik extraction units are used in the wood, paper, plastics, food and metal industries. They are used to extract fine dust, wood dust, welding fumes or grinding dust and ensure a clean working environment. The maximum dust exposure at the workplace is legally regulated by the dust limit value and is relevant for all industries where dust is generated. It varies depending on the type of dust and can often only be complied with using effective sanding dust extraction systems. With Höcker Polytechnik dust extraction systems, dust generation in the workplace is minimised so that the dust limit value is complied with and the dust exposure for employees is significantly reduced.

What are the advantages of Höcker Polytechnik extraction systems?

Höcker Polytechnik extraction systems and dust extractors are versatile and require little maintenance. They convince with economical and energy-saving operation and reliably extract welding fumes, grinding dust and other particles. Thanks to their compact design, they can be easily integrated even in confined spaces. Höcker Polytechnik extraction units are equipped with vibration cleaning as standard, for continuous production processes the extraction units are available with compressed air pulse cleaning.