indoor air sensor

Early detection of fine dust, CO2, VOC or organically volatile vapours

Install the MultiSens room air sensor and get easy access to information such as fine dust / VOC loads, CO2 emissions, humidity or temperature. Very simple with the built-in traffic light function or via Intranet or directly at the control cabinet panel.

With this knowledge, you can minimize the strain on your employees in a targeted manner and identify risks at an early stage. Your MultiSens system monitors air quality with high precision - around the clock.

The MultiSens at a glance

  • Industrial quality with robust protection
  • Cage (optional) and low susceptibility to faults
  • Indicates the current air quality via an LED traffic light
  • 24-hour real-time monitoring in constant air flow
  • Display errors due to fluctuations in humidity and temperature are minimized
  • ModBus interface for data transmission to control station or visualization system
  • Suction of ambient air via an integrated fan
  • Significantly more efficient than person-operated systems: covers approx. 50 m² of working space