Energy management

Energy management

Your system saves energy
Programmable controllers by Höcker Polytechnik reduce the electricity consumption of your extraction systems by up to 60 %. Cost management is among the most important tasks today. Modern controllers with electronic speed control reduce energy costs and generate cash savings.

Benefit from efficient technology and reduce your electricity usage. You could save more than 60%.

What needs to be done?
Processing machines in many cases are only responsible for a portion of annual electricity consumption. Ventilation and heating equipment are the biggest energy consumers, especially the extraction system. Controllers by Höcker Polytechnik can reduce the energy consumption of extraction fans by up to 60 %.

By using frequency converters developed especially for ventilation technology, the electricity consumption of the extraction fans is precisely adapted to the required air flow rate. Fully automated energy saving gate valves separate processing machines that are not running from the airflows or assign them air volumes according to demand.

This groundbreaking technology is used regularly when planning new extraction systems. But existing systems can be retrofitted as well. This quasi makes them energy saving systems, too. The same applies to systems that did not come from Höcker Polytechnik.