UL 508a Standard

Control cabinets with UL certification

UL control cabinets from Höcker Polytechnik according to UL 508a standard

Certified safety for the North American market

Since April 2019, Höcker Polytechnik has been a panel shop certified by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL for short) and, with the UL 508a standard*, meets the high requirements for the use of switch cabinets and controls on the North American market. The UL508a standard is the standard for the use of industrial control cabinets and control systems on the US market and places particularly high demands on safety components and test procedures. Every UL control cabinet from Höcker Polytechnik fulfils all safety requirements of the UL 508a standard. UL control cabinets are optional and have an additional cost, as the planning, components, control cabinet construction and testing processes are associated with a considerable amount of extra work.

After successful testing, the UL control cabinet receives its UL508a label

We know how a control system has to work efficiently and which criteria have to be fulfilled in terms of control technology for reliable operation. Höcker Polytechnik has perfected the processes in control development and control cabinet construction over several decades. The combination of experience, knowledge and many professionals who have mastered control cabinet construction makes Höcker Polytechnik control cabinets the innovative control brains in Höcker Polytechnik plants.

UL control cabinets from Höcker Polytechnik are built in accordance with standards and then certified. The multi-stage testing and acceptance procedure is carried out by our UL-trained experts. UL enclosures with the UL 508a test mark can be imported into North America without any problems and offer the advantage of smooth acceptance on site.

* For the certification of his product by Underwriters Laboratories (UL for short), a manufacturer must prove that he complies with the specified safety requirements, most of which were developed by UL itself. At the same time, a manufacturer must use a corresponding system to ensure that each copy of its product also meets the specified safety requirements. In order to ensure that a manufacturer also complies with the specifications on a permanent basis, UL inspects the production sites unannounced at irregular intervals.