Energy efficiency systems

from Höcker Polytechnik

Energy efficiency systems

Networking, clouds, usability and efficiency

Control systems made by Höcker Polytechnik

If the technology in your MultiStar filter system knows what the processing machines require, when each kilowatt of energy is used for a specific purpose and you are always informed about the system status, we could talk about our control technology. We could tell you something about clouds, apps, networking, PLC and performance gains through state-of-the-art technologies. There is a lot of know-how in all this technology and we prefer to talk about the people who master it.

It is our electrical engineers who develop an intelligent network from state-of-the-art technology and thus generate added value for our customers on a daily basis. They are well trained, highly motivated and enthusiastic about what is meaningful and technically possible. Their developments ensure efficiency in modern workshop operations or optimize processes in industrial production plants. And all this, of course, user-friendly and secure with intra/internet and cloud connections, apps and many other features.

We are ready for Industry 4.0 and are happy to support you along the way into the networked future

Energy efficiency systems at a glance

Energy-saving concept

The Höcker Polytechnik team records the actual data on site and develops the customer-specific energy saving concept. Specially developed software calculates the savings potential. And the most important thing: the whole thing is so economical that the investment pays for itself within a very short time.

Frequency converters with high potential

The higher the required pressure increase of fans, the higher the energy costs per m³ of extracted air volume. The savings potential by using frequency converters from Höcker Polytechnik increases with increasing pressure, even with only partial utilization of the system. The greater the air volume and the total pressure increase and the greater the control range, the greater the cost savings.