Energy Efficiency Systems

made by Höcker Polytechnik

Increase energy efficiency, conserve resources and reduce costs with energy-saving systems from Höcker Polytechnik

Networked machines, smart control and sensor technology, energy monitoring and, of course, interfaces for integrating the plants into the company's own network - this is how Höcker Polytechnik supports you on the way to Industry 4.0.

This way, you can see the status of your plant at any time, have the energy consumption data of the electricity and have an overview of all the processes of your plant. Unnecessary downtimes can thus be avoided and you have the important information with which you can sustainably reduce your energy consumption.

With the integration of an energy efficiency system from Höcker Polytechnik into your control system, you have uncomplicated access to your consumption history. From the comfort of your desk or sofa, you can optimise your processes in future, exploit potential savings, increase your productivity and, of course, reduce your energy consumption.

By recording and evaluating your energy consumption and process data, you can tap into important savings potential and increase energy efficiency. With an energy efficiency system individually tailored to your company, we automate processes, network machines and systems and ensure greater energy efficiency in modern workshop operations.

Intelligent control systems reduce personnel and energy costs through the use of fully automated disposal processes. Negative pressure systems in the filter systems with continuous performance adjustment provide additional efficiency gains. Heat recovery ensures that valuable thermal energy is largely retained in production. Energy-efficient motors and many other features also help to reduce your energy costs.

With more than 60 years of experience in research, development and practice in plant engineering, we will find the best energy-saving solution for your operation. We support you with our know-how, offer you the necessary interfaces and train your employees. With an optional preventive maintenance programme, we ensure the reliable operation of your Höcker Polytechnik plant with important system updates and hardware checks. With Höcker Polytechnik you are ready for Industry 4.0 and have a strong and competent partner at your side.

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Benefits of the energy efficiency systems from Höcker Polytechnik

  • Reduction of energy costs
  • Graphical processing of consumption data
  • Manual or automatic recording/monitoring of consumption data
  • Graphical processing of consumption data
  • Allocate consumption to the different areas of your plant
  • Determine peak loads in relation to production
  • Monitoring of voltage quality and frequency
  • Support continuous improvement process (CIP) with data
  • Determine your consumption for your CO2 footprint
  • Support ISO 50001 energy management

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Advantages for our customers

Our energy saving concept

The Höcker Polytechnik team takes the actual data of your plant on site and develops the customer-specific energy saving concept. We use special software to calculate how high the savings potential of your plant can be. The investment in an energy efficiency system with monitoring and modern components often pays for itself within a very short time.

Frequency converters with great potential

The higher the required pressure increase of fans, the higher the energy costs per m³ of extracted air volume. The savings potential through the use of frequency converters from Höcker Polytechnik increases with increasing pressure increase, even if the system is only partially utilised. The greater the air volume and the total pressure increase and the greater the control leeway, the greater the cost savings.

Energy monitoring in industry: More transparency for energy-efficient production

The share of energy costs in gross production value is increasing. In addition, legal requirements are becoming stricter and the responsible use of energy is an existential issue. Energy management is thus becoming increasingly important and simplifies energy cost monitoring through automated monitoring with digital processing of consumption data. In this way, you can use energy monitoring to increase the energy efficiency of your company and uncover potential energy savings.

What does energy efficiency mean?

Air conditioning and heating systems often account for a large share of the energy consumption in your company. With control systems and other measures from Höcker Polytechnik, the energy consumption of extraction systems can be reduced by up to 60 %. In this way, you make optimal use of the available energy and save money. The use of energy-efficient technology reduces your energy costs and is, of course, also good for the environment. We uncover previously unused savings potential in your company with our energy efficiency calculator and calculate your individual savings per year.

Höcker Polytechnik's energy management system was certified according to ISO 50001 in 2016. We therefore also focus on saving energy in the production of our systems in the company. We know what enormous potential lies in unused energy and how we can tap into the important savings potential with intelligent energy and productivity features.

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What energy efficiency systems does Höcker Polytechnik offer?

Höcker Polytechnik supports you with a wide range of energy efficiency systems designed to reduce energy costs and optimise operation. These include analysis modules and visualisation, with which you can always keep an eye on the energy balance of your plant and identify possible savings potential at an early stage. But also energy recovery systems with which you can recover and use heat and cold so that heating or cooling costs are reduced. With Höcker Polytechnik negative pressure systems, which work with a high degree of efficiency, your plant achieves a significantly higher energy efficiency than positive pressure systems. Energy-efficient machine extraction reduces energy use and optimises extraction performance. Belt conveyors and conveyor belts also belong to the energy-efficient systems, as there is considerable potential for energy savings compared to pneumatic conveying.

How can you describe Höcker Polytechnik's energy-saving concept?

The Höcker Polytechnik field service team takes your consumption data on site at your company and develops a customer-specific energy saving concept. For example, our team of experts calculates for your specific individual case how cooling and heating costs can be significantly reduced with cooling or heat recovery. Or how you can reduce the power consumption of your extraction systems by up to 60 % with programmable control systems with electronic speed control from Höcker Polytechnik and thus save a lot of energy. And the most important thing: the whole thing is so inexpensive that the investment can pay for itself in a very short time.

How are the innovative control technologies implemented in companies?

For many years, Höcker Polytechnik has been focusing on innovative control technology, making the systems more functional, user-friendly and energy-efficient. Our well-trained programming team will develop a control system specially adapted to your company. Your control cabinet is then installed, connected and commissioned by a qualified team of electrical engineers. Höcker Polytechnik's electrical fitters ensure that everything runs smoothly at your premises.

We provide you with important add-ons that ensure you have secure access to the status of your plant at all times: with analysis modules, visualisations, cloud access and apps, you not only have an overview of the status of your plant at all times, but can also receive early information and warnings.

What benefits do you get from Höcker Polytechnik energy-saving systems?

Höcker Polytechnik offers you a system that is individually tailored to your company with easy-to-use technology. Our control technology automates your operational processes and ensures greater efficiency in modern workshop operations, which means that the investment pays for itself in a very short time. Well-trained and qualified personnel integrate your new Höcker Polytechnik system into your existing IT infrastructure and ensure minimal downtime during installation.