Hall dedusting

Establishing dust-free ambient conditions is our target. Not only is this important for the health of employees, it also extends the service life of machinery and facilities. Therefore effective dedusting not only improves employee motivation, but also extends the service life of the machines and reduces cleaning and maintenance effort.

If picking up the dust directly at the source is not possible, hall dedusting is a solution for improving the air quality. This is required for example in receiving halls of processing plants where dumping the material and bulk goods into the bunker can generate significant amounts of dust. The same applies to the loading of bulk goods.

Höcker Polytechnik has extensive experience in this field as well. We are the industry leader especially when it comes to the dust capture method, dimensioning of the system and new ideas to prevent the accumulation of dust in the pipework – our advice is in demand both at home and abroad.

We determine the required air volume depending on the bulk goods, hall size and applicable ventilation number. Preventing dust from exiting the gates of the receiving hall by means of a directed flow along with the large-scale capture and extraction of dust is the objective.

We adapt the layout of the MultiStar filter units and fans with capacities up to several 100,000 m³/h to customer-specific requirements and local conditions.