at source

Dedusting at source

Shredders, baling presses, granulators, optical separators, NIR, screen drums, magnetic separators, eddy current separators, air separators, conveyor transfers, vibrating and flat screens, ballistic separators

Establishing dust-free ambient conditions is our target. Not only is this important for the health of employees, it also extends the service life of machinery and facilities. Benefits of effective dedusting:

  • Improved employee motivation
  • Compliance with approval requirements
  • Extended machine service life
  • Improved system availability
  • Less cleaning and maintenance effort
  • Reduced wear

Dedusting at source is the safest and most effective dust extraction method. Here the dust is captured and extracted reliably directly at the production source.

Höcker Polytechnik has extensive experience in this field as well. We are the industry leader especially when it comes to the dust capture method, dimensioning of the system and new ideas to prevent the accumulation of dust in the pipework – our experience and systems are in demand around the world.

We determine the required air volume according to the material and throughput. This ensures that dust but no valuable material is extracted.

We adapt the layout of the corresponding MultiStar filter units and fans with capacities up to several 100,000 m³/h to customer-specific requirements and local conditions.