Central stationary dust

extraction systems

Central stationary dust extraction systems

Establishing dust-free ambient conditions is our goal. Not only is this important for the health of employees, it also extends the service life of machinery and facilities. Therefore effective dedusting not only improves employee motivation, but also extends the service life of the machines and reduces cleaning and maintenance effort.

In addition to an effective dedusting system, we recommend a central vacuum system for cleaning with connections throughout the production facility. Ideally the connections are equipped with a sensor for automatic system start-up. Suction nozzles with flexible connecting hoses up to 15 metres in length an effective suction performance Made in Germany guarantee proven equipment for keeping your production facilities clean.

The required number of suction points and suction units that need to be operated in parallel are determined in close cooperation with the customer for an individual layout.

The corresponding high-pressure filter units and high-pressure fans with a vacuum up to 45,000 Pa are designed by us according to customer-specific requirements and adapted to structural conditions.

These systems are used in the recycling sector and anywhere large volumes of dust are produced during manual or automated work. Grinding the rotor blades of a wind turbine is one example.