Dust Collectors

MultiStar Dust collectors as special solutions

MultiStar dust collectors as special solutions - fields of application

Material handling
Höcker Polytechnik offers solutions for automated discharge handling, such as pneumatic container / silo transport or briquetting.

With less material flow, MultiStars with containers such as

  • dust collection bins
  • BigBags and chip bins
  • Sulo containers

an alternative that is clean and easy to exchange.

MultiStar Dust Collectors efficiently handle dust and chips from cellulose, metal, plastics, organic waste and more.

The material is stored, briquetted or transported. Individual disposal concepts and automation options meet every customer requirement.

In all wind and weather conditions
MultiStar dust collectors work both on the polar circle and on the equator. They fulfil their tasks worldwide, even under extreme climatic conditions.

There is hardly any greater flexibility in the positioning of your dust collector. MultiStar dust collectors can be positioned on hall roofs, at hall corners and in workshops.

The scalable construction and the pressure shock tested design provide almost unlimited freedom when choosing the installation site, whether indoors or outdoors.