Dust Collectors

The MultiStar filter series

Our all-rounder for demanding applications

Flexibility is our advantage – for practically any dry separation use, we produce to your specifications a precisely-adapted dust collector  from the modules in the MultiStar range. For this purpose, we have access to a comprehensive selection of housings and filter hoses  of various sizes, lengths and diameters. We offer professional technology at the best possible price.

MultiStar Dust Collectors. Efficiency in Trade and Industry

We can supply numerous housing sizes and versions of the smooth-walled dust collectors, ranging from the compact cartridge filter to the large dust collector for air flow volumes of over 600,000 m³/h.

The design is always based on an optimised structural module which is ideally suited to your conditions. MultiStar versions of the appropriate size can be supplied to small workshops or large industrial sites. Examples are the paper and printing industry, furniture manufacturers, metal and wood working workshops, recycling companies or the automotive industry.

Wood, paper, cardboard, plastics, metal ...

Using the modular assembly principle, we put together the best configuration for your requirements. From wood dust to paper dust, wood chips, softwood, plastic dust or chips, GRP dust, polyurethane foam, aluminium chips to zinc dust, oil mist or welding fumes and other dedusting processes:
We individually specify length, diameter, geometry and cleaning procedures for the filter elements, as well as the discharge of the material.