Vacumobil MD 160

Medium-pressure dust extractor

Vacumobil MD 160. Medium-pressure dust extractor

for grinding workplaces and machines

The Vacumobil MD 160 medium-pressure dust extractor is the mobile dedusting centre for professional extraction of hand sanding machines and workplaces. The very compact and space-saving unit can extract up to six hand sanders in parallel, generating a maximum vacuum of up to 10,000 Pascal. Despite the high resistance of the small connections, efficient suction is thus possible. The Vacumobil MD 160 is also ideal for floor cleaning (optional accessory) and can vacuum a sanding table or another machine as desired.

Maximum 10,000 Pa negative pressure

The decisive factor is the increased suction power. With a vacuum of 7,000 Pa at a volume flow of 1,450 m3/h and up to 10,000 Pa at 500 m3/h, the Vacumobil MD 160 is suitable for fine dust extraction from manual electric and pneumatic tools as well as from processing machines. In contrast to conventional industrial hoovers, the Vacumobil MD 160 can vacuum several hand-held machines at the same time. Automatic blast gates can be controlled with the optional gate valve control.

Energy-efficient and quiet

The Vacumobil MD 160 with its 5.5 kW IE3 motor is started via a frequency inverter in a motor-friendly and energy-saving manner and is continuously controlled depending on the power requirement. This ensures maximum performance with optimised energy use and protects the motor from overload. The operating noise is below 70 dB(A).

Filter medium of dust class M

The Vacumobil MD 160 is a class H3 dust extractor (residual dust content 0.1 mg/m³), i.e. specially designed for wood-based materials. With the filter material of dust class M, it is also suitable for many other dry dusts (not approved for asbestos or other carcinogenic substances).

At a glance

  • Compact design. Footprint approx. 2.0 m2
  • Installation in the work area allowed (depending on type of dust)
  • Low residual dust content < 0.1 mg/m³ (H3) according to TRGS 553
  • 100% utilization of heat energy through air return
  • Filling volume approx. 115 litres
  • Continuous online filter cleaning
  • Height < 2.0 m
  • PLC-control system, standard with automatic switch-on and text display
  • Drive efficiency class IE3
  • Integrated non-return flap
  • For St1 dusts no pressure relief required
  • Tested filter material of dust class M (separation efficiency 99.9 %)
  • Low energy consumption and
  • high extraction capacity

Areas of application

The Vacumobil MD 160 sucks with up to 10,000 Pa negative pressure. In the workshop or production this medium-pressure dust extractor quickly becomes indispensable companion:

Manual processing machines
Extraction of dust from manual processing machines such as grinders, saws or planers

Machine dedusting
Function of a normal dust extractor for processing machines

Flexibility in the workshop
Perfect as a universal and mobile device for flexible use in the workshop when powerful extraction is needed at short notice

Hoover clean
With the necessary accessories, the unit can also be for cleaning floors or machines. machines. (Accessories optionally available)