Vacumobil 350


Vacumobil 350 compact dedusters

Flexible dedusting with maximum performance

The Vacumobil 350 is the most powerful model of the popular Vacumobil series. This powerful dust extractor is perfectly suited for dust extraction from CNC processing machines or several production machines. Impressive performance and compact design, an easily
configurable modular system, performance and many flexible applications.The two cleaning processes jet or vibration in combination with the discharge systems collecting container, briquetting press or rotary valve allow the realisation of tailor-made solutions.

The drive of the Vacumobil 350 is fitted as standard with efficiency control system (IE3), thus guarantees an extremely environmentally friendly and energy-saving operation. In the field of process safety, the innovative dust extractors feature a fire suppression system and an integrated explosion-proof non-return flap. *

* approved for organic dusts of dust explosion class St1 with a minimum ignition energy >10 mJ and a lower explosion limit of at least 30 g/m3


  • Installation in the work area allowed (depending on type of dust)
  • Low residual dust content <0.1 mg/m³ (H3) acc. to TRGS 553
  • 100% utilization of heat energy through air return
  • Large filling capacity of 4 tons
  • Online-cleaning available (supplementary charge)
  • Height <2.6 m
  • PLC-control system with automatic switch on
  • Drive Efficiency Class IE3
  • Automatic filter cleaning
  • Integrated automatic fire suppression system
  • Tested blowback protection integrated
  • Pressure relief not required for St1 dusts
  • BG-approved filter material (filtration efficiency 99.95%)
  • Low energy consumption and high suction performance

Cleaning by compressed air (Jx) or vibration (Vx)

Vacumobil Jx


Vacumobil Vx

Jet- or compressed air pulse cleaning of the filter material. Online cleaning optional.


Vibrating cleaning of the filter material.  Cleaning during production breaks.