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Mobile suction units

Mobile suction devices

Mobile suction devices from Höcker Polytechnik constitute a universal solution for effective cleaning of machines and workshop floors as well as for the direct vacuuming of production machines. Three different size versions ranging in power from 1.1 to 2.2 kW will ensure that you can get the right sized device with an appropriate level of suction capacity for your needs. The high-performance fan is integrated into the suction device’s casing, which saves space and runs particularly quietly and smoothly. A large collection sack is available to hold the swarf. The collection sack can be changed simply and easily. The devices are extremely compact and mobile, which means the user can move from machine to machine quickly and easily. They are designed as standard on a sturdy base plate.

A wide range of special accessories can be supplied for an extra charge in order to meet your individual requirements. The quality and performance of standard mobile suction devices from Höcker Polytechnik are enough to meet the highest demands. However, such overpressure systems for vacuuming wood dust in commercial operations are not approved for use in Germany.