IE5 Efficiency Powerpack

for the Vacumobil 350, 300, 250

Extraction with highest energy efficiency (IE5)

The IE5-Efficiency Powerpack

The Vacumobil deduster series is characterised by excellent extraction performance with minimum energy consumption. With the newly developed IE5-Efficiency Powerpack for the Vacumobile 350, 300 and 250 the Höcker Polytechnik energy saving professionals make full use of the possibilities of modern permanent magnet technology. 

Vacumobil deduster with the best possible motor

With 11 kW motor power, we now achieve the extraction capacity where a 15 kW drive was previously required! A 7.5 kW motor (IE5) can replace an 11 kW motor (IE3), and a 5.5 kW motor (IE5) does the job of a 7.5 kW motor (IE3).
This pays off for you and also for the environment.

How did we manage to achieve that?

Our intelligent electronic control utilises a modern frequency inverter with a permanent magnet motor of the highest energy efficiency class IE5. Each of these three components reduces energy consumption, but the decisive step is the control process.
Permanent magnet motors have specific characteristics that require high control intelligence. The control system for the IE5 efficiency power pack was therefore perfectly matched up with this type of motor by our technicians.

Successful practical and stress test

This IE5 efficiency power pack can pay for itself in a few months. From day one you will benefit from low energy costs and stronger suction power. This product also underwent several months of practical and stress testing at a major furniture manufacturer. 

A Vacumobil 350 with IE5 efficiency Powerpack worked 5 days a week in two shifts under full load and production conditions.
The result: More performance with reduced energy consumption.

Up to 30% more vacuum

In principle quite simple... The frequency converter gently increases the speed of the motor and provides a power boost.  

Example calculation:

Vacumobil dust collector 350 with Powerpack IE5
Application with a volume flow of 8,000 m3/h
Productive time: 250 working days @ 8 h per year

Efficiency advantage electricity and air: 25%

Reduction of electricity costs: 1,200 € / year

Electricity price: 0.24 Euro/kWh (average commercial Germany)

The permanent magnet motor

More range for electric cars as well as more efficiency for your Vacumobil

IE5 permanent magnet motors are characterised by their very high efficiency of approx. 94 %. In electric cars, this increases the range and boosts the efficiency of our vacuum vehicle dust extractors by up to 25 %. 

Vacumobil. The safe deduster

The design principle of our Vacumobiles, briquetting presses and rotary valves has been proven 1000 times and has been tested. Therefore, the Vacumobil with IE5-Efficiency-Powerpack naturally also meets the important safety regulations. 

All relevant laws and standards (ATEX, DIN EN 16770, industrial safety regulations, VDI guidelines, trade association regulations and rules as well as the eco-design guideline) can be complied with easily and safely.

It pays off for you. Vacumobil with Powerpack

The advantages:

  • increased negative pressure compared to comparable standard Vacumobil

  • Efficiency advantage ensures a worthwhile return on investment 

  • most modern technology available on the market

  • all Vacumobil options available

  • supports ISO 50001 energy management systems

  • supports sustainability through resource conservation

Dedusting at the highest energy efficiency level Vacumobil JP350 with IE5 efficiency power pack with jet/compressed air pulse cleaning and integrated briquetting press.